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It is our goal here at Create My to provide you with the information, as well as, the guides and forms you need when it comes to creating your Last Will and Testament. Our professionally authored articles, like our attorney authored will guides, are here to help you learn more about the will process as well as learn more about filing using our Last Will and Testament.

Last Will and Testament ChecklistLast Will and Testament Checklist

Creating a Last Will and Testament using forms from Create My is simple, but you can make the process even faster by assembling the documents and materials you need to complete the forms prior to downloading our Last Will and Testament forms.
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Last Will and Testament verses Living TrustLast Will and Testament verses Living Trust

The two most prominent documents used in estate planning are a Last Will and Testament and Living Trust. Both documents can plan for your family and assets following your passing, and often the two are used together for more complete estate plan. While both can handle the bulk of your estate planning, there are differences between the two. Read More

Do I Need a Will?Do I Need a Will?

Living wills do not affect your property, but they are an important part of planning for the future. A living will -- and a related document known as a durable power of attorney for health care -- lets you describe the type and extent of medical treatment that you prefer. These instructions are invoked if you are unable to make those preferences known in the future. Read More

How to Protect My Assets?How to Protect My Assets?

If you want to ensure that the assets you've worked so hard to accumulate are passed on to those you love, you need to plan ahead. There are a number of ways and strategies that can help to preserve your assets. Proper estate planning will effectively match the right strategies to your individual goals. Read More

What My Family Needs to Know?What My Family Needs to Know?

Many times, wills are used to keep beneficiaries from their own weaknesses. You might give your children control of their assets in stages of their lives. For example, the first one-third of their inheritance becomes available at age 25 with the remainder available in equal disbursements at ages 35 and 45. Usually, these goals are accomplished by using your will to set up trusts. Read More

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